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Planning any type of event is a process that can be both rewarding and incredibly stressful. Choosing a venue, juggling vendors, learning etiquette and current trends, determining a theme, appeasing family or clients, balancing a budget, and minimizing waste are just some of the many factors to consider while organizing your event!

Celebrating your special occasion does not mean you must resign to being overwhelmed throughout the entire process! No matter how much or how little assistance you need, Plan It Perfect provides the guidance, support, and knowledge that will transform your vision into an exceptional reality!


This is THE company you want to use for your wedding or special event! Cate and Rachel are professional, smart, creative and make sure all is done with exacting precision. I had such a wonderful time at my wedding this weekend because I didn't worry about a single detail. Everything was exactly as planned and how we envisioned it. Cate and Rachel made our wedding day totally stress-free. I cannot recommend them enough! These are who you want to use if you are planning an event! Thank you both for making our wedding worry-free and FUN!

Denny, Baltimore, MD

Rachel is WONDERFUL! It's hard to match my organizational skills and love of to-do lists. Yet, Rachel surpasses me down to every Excel spreadsheet! She knew her audience in me and coordinated with me in a way that eased my stress levels a TON! No detail was overlooked and Rachel pulled off an incredible, elegant wedding with a nod to sports that many thought was impossible. She had amazing ideas and kept the day classy, but very fun! She is wonderful to work with and incredibly accommodating with meeting times. Most people say the week before their wedding is insanely busy. Because of Rachel, I could spend that week enjoying and visiting with family with not a worry in the world. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help to navigate through the insanity that is planning a wedding (or any big event!)!

Blair, Baltimore, MD
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