Lowering the Cost of Flowers at Your North Jersey Wedding

Flowers are one of the traditional parts of a wedding. They're usually everywhere: in bouquets held by the bridesmaids, the bride's bouquet, in a basket carried by the flower girl, as flower crowns for the bride, bridesmaids, and the flower girl, in boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen, adorning the ceremony space, and as centerpieces during the reception.

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Since there are so many places at your wedding where flowers can be found, the cost of them can rack up fast. If you're dreaming of a space adorned with floral decorations but feeling anxiety at the cost of all this sweet-smelling beauty, here are some options that could help you lower the cost. 

The first of these options is to find non-floral alternatives for some of these flowers. Unless you really are dreaming of a sea of flowers, there are plenty of alternatives for many of the areas where flowers typically go. Consider, for instance, the ceremony space and the centerpieces at the reception. For the aisle, consider a runner or lanterns. For centerpieces, other natural elements like branches, seashells, or greenery would make a nice alternative. By forgoing flowers altogether in some areas, you can consider those more expensive flowers you have your heart set on for your bouquet. 

Another choice is to consider using cheaper alternatives to the usual, more classic choices for wedding flowers. Talk to your New Jersey florist about what's in season at the time of your wedding and what they might recommend if you're trying to save on flowers. Go in with an open mind- they might talk about flowers you had never even considered carrying down the aisle on your big day! 

If you have your heart set on using a specific flower- if you have always loved roses, for instance- consider accenting your bouquet with less expensive options, such as greenery. That way you still can achieve your vision of you and your bridesmaids carrying beautiful bouquets adorned with roses, and it will still look beautiful, but it won't cost a fortune because you have traded out some of those roses for a less expensive option. 

Greenery can make a great option for accents everywhere in your wedding. It's much cheaper than flowers but will look just as lovely adorning the aisle, your bouquet, or the centerpieces at the reception. 

Posted by Sarah Fife on 04/21/2016

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