Unique Locations for North Jersey Engagement Photo Shoots

Are you planning a session to take engagement photos but not sure where you want them taken? Here are some ideas for unique locations.

Photo Credit: Waterloo Village

Waterfront: You can’t go wrong with photographs on the beach, but the great state of New Jersey is also bounded on its western side by the Delaware River and the south by the Delaware Bay. If you’re torn between the desire for a waterfront photo shoot and the feeling that everyone you know is doing their engagement photos on their favorite Jersey Shore beach, you might find a location along the river or the bay that is perfect for you and a change from what everyone you know is doing. Your New Jersey photographer could also recommend locations. 

Local parks: Maybe you have an awesome park in your hometown that you’ve always loved. Why not consider your favorite green space for your engagement photos? That adorable gazebo or the bench you used to spend hours reading on could make awesome spots for photographs! 

State parks and forests: There are more than thirty state parks in New Jersey, and that doesn’t even count the state forests. These state parks range to the beaches and lighthouses of the Jersey Shore to historic Revolutionary War battlefields; one could be perfect for a photo shoot. In some cases you could get two locations in one when it comes to a state park: Allamuchy Mountain State Park, for instance, is also home to Waterloo Village, which is a historic site. Ever dream of a romantic walk through the woods as the perfect backdrop to your engagement photos? There are at least eleven state forests and five recreation areas in the state. 

Historic sites: Maybe one or both of you are history buffs, maybe you even met at one of the state’s many historic sites, or maybe you think one would make the perfect location for a photo shoot. New Jersey is full of historic sites; one could be a perfect and unique spot for your engagement photos. 

Your alma mater: Are you high school sweethearts? Are you both passionate about the sports teams at your university? A lecture hall or the football field of your alma mater would make unique and different photo shoot locations. 

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Posted by Sarah Fife on 03/04/2016

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