3 Fun Facts About Mixology for Your South Florida Wedding

Another word for creativity in Miami is Aaron’s Catering. Well versed in gastronomy, Aaron’s Catering is known for the ultimate culmination of food, art and science, creating aesthetically appealing and exciting menu items for South Florida weddings and events. Here are 3 fun facts about its newest endeavor, mixology.

Photo credit: Aaron's Catering Miami

Mixology Defined: Mixology is Aaron’s  Catering ‘s latest division under its wedding and event catering umbrella.  Unlike bartenders, Aaron’s Catering ‘s master mixologists are part sommelier and part chef, creating innovative cocktails that smoke, bubble and taste as good as they look.

Fresh Ingredients: Mixologists use fresh products and ingredients that most would not imagine pairing well in a cocktail. For example, imagine a Molecular Mojito - mint pearls bubbling with dry ice like below.

Photo credit: Aaron's Catering Miami

Extensive Training: However, Aaron’s mixologists are trained in molecular gastronomy techniques. Using fresh ingredients such as habanero peppers, liquid nitrogen, unique international spices, garden grown herbs and techniques and texture like foams, airs, gelatins, and even fruit flavored caviars, they are true chefs behind the bar and know the background of any spirit.

Those interested in booking a mixologist are in luck. Aaron’s Mixology Division can be outsourced with their ability to work at all hotels and exclusive venues in South Florida. They are a great addition to work with other caterers for any South Florida wedding or event.

Photo credit: Aaron's Catering Miami

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 03/24/2015

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