4 Easy Ways to Lower the Cost of Your South Florida Wedding Cake

The images that come to mind when the word wedding is mentioned: engagement rings, a wedding dress and a 3 tiered white cake. The wedding cake is certainly an icon but it doesn’t need to cost a small fortune. Here are some easy ways to lower to cost of your cake for your South Florida wedding:

Photo credit: Pixabay

Avoid Fondant: Let’s face it, fondant is expensive and time consuming. Choose buttercream instead. Many types of buttercream can mimic the smooth texture fondant creates but for much less money and more flavor.

Simple Designs: Less is more in terms of design. Keep your cake simple. Labor intensive lace replica cakes come at a higher price tag. However, if intricate swirls, patterns and pearls are a must, consider alternating it with a plain layer.

Less Layers: A petite cake is perfection. Ordering a two tier cake instead of three tiered will reduce the cost significantly. Consider a small cake or even replica cake with a sheet cake in the kitchen. Honestly, no one will be the wiser.

Fresh Floral Toppers: Again, time is money and creating sugar or fondant flowers to top your wedding cake can be more expensive than its fresh flower counterpart. Seasonal flowers are beautiful toppers for any cake.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 01/19/2016

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