5 Reasons to Hire Travel Pros to Book Your Honeymoon

Booking your honeymoon at the most affordable rate makes sense especially after all the expense it takes to host a wedding in South Florida. That’s why many couples gravitate toward online booking with their many discounted rates and exclusive travel deals. However, there are several reasons why you need to step away from the internet and book your honeymoon with a live person. The truth is, it’s best to hire a travel agent and here’s why:

It’s Your Honeymoon: Travel is travel but honeymoon travel is special. It is your honeymoon—a once in a lifetime event that you look back and cherish. Regular vacation hang-ups are inconvenient but honeymoon mishaps are lasting memories that you cannot get back. Save the dot.com deals for regular vacation.

Hurricane Season:  In the event of adverse weather conditions and your beautiful hotel is evacuated, it is comforting to talk to a real live person that can handle the situation from their end. They have the experience and have dealt with similar situations, flight cancellations, and evacuations. In fact, they have a wide range of contacts in travel and can set you up with other accommodations or a new flight. Most likely, they discussed travel insurance with you too. A major disaster can be handled in a jiffy with experienced agents compared to a random 800 number.

Lost Passport: Imagine maneuvering this without an experienced travel agent. Or customs not accepting your passport because of the smallest watermark (yes, it has happened). Your agent knows exactly what to do.

Lost Luggage: No clothes, no essentials and you are in another country. Is this really happening? Again, there is a resolution that your agent can provide with a few phone calls on their part. Let them put you at ease by doing their job, making it a nuisance and not a disaster. They may even provide you with tried and true tips on cross packing before you even depart so that in the event some luggage is lost, you have essentials with you.

Alerts:  In the event of a heightened alert abroad, your agent can calmly handle the situation properly for your safe return home.


Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 12/22/2015

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