Brunch Wedding Trends

I have found that the biggest trend in a brunch wedding is the mixing of savory and sweet items on the buffet so that there is no clear line between breakfast and brunch, such as chicken and waffles or a spin on classic Eggs Benedict.

The key to success for a brunch wedding is to have food where guests can "graze" from station to station, where they are thrilled with the different choices but are not eating food that is so heavy that they just want to sleep after they are done eating.

I really enjoy making different champagne cocktails or even a lovely punch that is fruity and light for a brunch wedding. We also enjoy coming up with menus like "breakfast tapas" or a twist on the classic bagel with nova. I have been doing this for almost 20 years and the omelet station and waffle station is still as popular as when I started in the business!

This is actually the perfect time of day to pick a theme because you can then tailor the menu to that. I did a wedding last spring, and the bride and groom had met working in the Chesapeake Bay area, so we created a brunch menu that highlighted the seafood and foods of the region.

In reality, we have found that there are far less themes for brunch weddings than at night. What we have found is that if the wedding is a brunch then rather than being sleek and modern like a night wedding, it is usually a bit more romantic…more flowers, more colors, more floral prints on the linens.

Posted by Fare to Remember on 12/05/2013

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