Choosing a Cake Stand for Your South Florida Wedding

If you are in the process of choosing a cake for your South Florida wedding, all of the options may seem a little overwhelming. Considering the amount of decisions like selecting the number of tiers, sorting through flavors, fillings and cake toppers, you might be overlooking one of the most important pieces: the cake stand.

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Cake stands are important. Your cake can’t just sit on the table; it needs to be supported by something. Not to mention, shouldn’t something that pretty really be displayed? Well, that’s where a cake stand comes in! 

When picking a cake stand, the first step is to design your cake. This may seem obvious, but it is important to know how big the bottom of your cake will be. The most important thing about a cake stand is that it is at least as big as the bottom of your cake; if your cake features flowers or other embellishments, the cake stand should be a little bigger to allow for some room to support those embellishments. 

A cake stand can also be an opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors or theme into your reception. Your wedding planner or a bakery specializing in wedding cakes would be able to help you decide which color or colors would be best. 

If your wedding has a specific theme, your cake stand should also be a part of that theme. Perhaps consider a wooden cake stand or one that is cut from a tree stump for a rustic wedding, or one bedazzled in crystals or pearl beading for a more formal wedding. 

The cake stand shouldn’t distract from the cake itself. While it is true that the cake stand doesn’t just have to be a plain old clear stand, the cake should be the real star between the two. The cake stand can complement the cake, but it shouldn’t be so bedecked with sparkle or such a brilliant color (unless brilliant colors are part of your theme, that is!) that it steals all of the attention from the cake itself. 

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