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Tucked away behind an array of Oak and Poinciana trees is the Women’s Club of Coconut Grove. The historic building sits next to the many modern establishments that surround it on the corner of South Bayshore Drive and McFarland. Behind the trees is a building full of history dating back to 1891. Walter de Garmo constructed the current stone building in 1921 after the original building was torn down in 1871. Presently the building is used for a variety of events: from wedding receptions to art shows however, the history is a lot more dynamic than one may think when looking at the quaint set up.


Flora McFarlane, a schoolteacher by profession noticed there were no schools for the children of the pioneer settlement of Coconut Grove, which was originally called Cocoanut Grove because of the many cocoa trees in the area.  She then started the first public school in 1889. This was also the first meeting place of the Housekeepers Club. Originally called the Housekeeper’s Club, the organization started in 1891 by Flora McFarlane and aimed at uniting woman within the community. When these women gathered they had sewing sessions paired with conversation and fellowship. These articles of clothing were sold which helped get the school off the ground. The Club went on to serve its own purpose within the community.In 1975 the Club was acknowledged as a Historic Place being officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


In recent years the Women’s Club of Coconut Grove continues to extend their reach within the community. Some of the latest ventures are: conservation, sustainability, supporting local farms and supporting the arts. Recently the club has hosted a variety exciting events; Dogs 4 Disable Veterans was one of our more unique events, this was aimed at helping veterans integrate into society with the help of a faithful companion. Poker Night Act 4 Me was another fun filled evening here at the Women’s Club, the money collected was distributed to local families who have children that suffer from developmental delays due to neurological disorders. Miami Dade Public High School hosted their Youth Artist Exhibit, showing 106 art pieces from 93 outstanding students. The night was one to remember! These are just a few of the numerous events that are hosted at the Women’s Club of Coconut Grove. This historic venue can be home to any number and variety of events. The rustic look and idyllic location adds charter to any occasion!


As the club marks 122 years they continue to help the community and as said in their motto “ lend a hand.” The Women’s Club has the ability to comfortably seat 155 people in a centrally located area in Coconut Grove; we are also one of the few places in the area that can cater to your needs until 2am. With its rich history and very competitive rates the Women’s Club of Coconut Grove is the ideal setting for a variety of events.


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Posted by Anya Seepaul on 06/21/2013

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