Finding the Right First Dance Song for Your South Florida Wedding Reception

Searching for the exact first dance song that resonates with both you and your fiancé for that spotlight moment at your wedding reception can be a challenge. Many couples have already heard the classics, tried and true slow songs that have almost lost meaning because of sheer popularity. And then when you found an original, realizing upon closer scrutiny, it’s about a one night stand or something sadly less inspiring. Back to square one in the search…

If you too are challenged by this task, here are some primary resources to find the right first dance song to celebrate:

The Band/The DJ: All couples should schedule a consultation prior to booking any event professional. During this meeting, convey the importance of not only a good tune but a song with the right lyrics. Most music professionals either studied music, music history or are such an expert, they could double down on the category on Jeopardy.

Wedding Planners: These event specialists are an incredible resource and committed to making your event the best there has been in the history of weddings. They have heard their share of first dance songs and devotees will be on the cusp of up and coming classics. Express your needs and your planner may even send links with possible matches of the best vocals. They are on your team and a great go-to-resource, having planned countless weddings.

Milestones: Does a special song stand out from the time you met? Was your first concert together special? Was there a Broadway show you attended or a special vacation you enjoyed together with music that pulls it all together—an Italian melody or Spanish love song that you heard abroad? Perhaps a movie soundtrack from a first date?

Favorite Artists: Do you share a love for a certain entertainer? A favorite pianist or cellist? It certainly doesn’t have to include vocals to resonate meaning.

The Year: Is there a song that stands out the year you began dating? How about the year he proposed? Search for songs in that year that perhaps you had forgotten.


Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 12/14/2015

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