Fun Ways to Use Herbs At Your South Florida Wedding

Herbs aren’t just for the menu these days! If you’re considering using herbs in your wedding, whether it’s for the romanticism, the amazing scent, accenting your venue or simply because you love decorating in a less expensive, Earth-friendly way, here are some of our favorite ideas.

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One of the most obvious places to use herbs is in the floral arrangements. Not just for a bridal bouquet, but for your entire bridal party. The bride's and bridesmaid's bouquets can either be made entirely out of herbs or simply used to accent flowers- perhaps consider lavender, which symbolizes devotion, luck, and undying love; oregano, symbolizing joy and happiness; or wormwood, which symbolizes affection. The same can be done for the groom and groomsmen's boutonnieres and for the flower girl. 

Herbs can even be used in centerpieces at the reception. Like the arrangements used by the bridal party, a centerpiece can be made up of herbs alone or be used to accent flower choices. Just imagine the aroma and tranquility provided by adding some herbs to your table setting.

Herbs can also be given out as favors to your guests. You can send them home at the end of your big day with a little pot of your favorites or ones that symbolize something important to you. Having trouble deciding? Everybody can use basil! Still having trouble deciding? Your South Florida event planner may be able to give you other ideas.

You can even decorate your ceremony and reception spaces with herbs. Consider lining your aisle with herbs that represent love, such as balsam, roses, or yarrow. 

Finally, you can use herbs in the beverages served at the cocktail hour and reception. Who wouldn't like water flavored with mint and cucumber on a hot summer afternoon? Or the great new trend of lavender infused lemonade?

Posted by Partyspace South Florida on 05/26/2016

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