How to Host a Legendary Event

What makes an event legendary--the experience and the details. It's all about the details. I think an event whether it's corporate or social should be fun and I like the surprise component. It doesn't have to always be serious.

To make an event legendary, it's going beyond "what would they say." It's getting out of your comfort zone and making it work. For example, Indigo Events had an event for 800 guests. With a large event like this, a smooth transition is important for guests to locate their table and be seated. We got an acrobat hanging from the ceiling with a butterfly costume with cool music which facilitated guests to their seats and their eyes on the ceiling. The event flowed really well; it started a conversation and gave the guests an element of surprise. It gives a whole new meaning to an event when you're not expecting the typical thing.

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I see inspiration in everything in order to come up with fresh themes and ideas. In particular, I like a lot of centerpieces with ice and balls of color with sculptured ice. Centerpieces can be different. It's not always about the flowers. I like the effects that lighting has as well as the unexpected.


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In addition, a simple way to create this feeling is to welcome out-of-town guests for any kind of wedding with a token of appreciation at their hotel room. It makes all the difference in the world. Or, a note upon arrival with your cell phone number if they need anything. That's a little detail. It gives them a sense that you care that they came.

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A corporate event can always be serious but it can also be fun. One idea for networking events is games to break the ice; say a statement about yourself that is true and one that is a lie. It's a conversation starter. However, it really depends on the type of event. For social events, what I like is several smaller pieces of entertainment in different rooms. Instead of putting the budget into one band, it's dividing the budget into three or four smaller bands or entertainment. Again, it can create a topic of conversation or a new ambiance.

We work with our clients--it doesn't matter how much their budget is. At Indigo Events, you come as a guest at your event; we do all of the work.

Posted by Indigo Events on 10/18/2013

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