Non-Floral Centerpieces For Your South Florida Wedding

Without a doubt, one of the biggest wedding trends is planning a unique reception by foregoing the expected and adding a little 'shock factor.'

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This is true for South Florida weddings that incorporate regional elements instead of traditional floral centerpieces as the focal point. Here are some non-floral centerpieces to peak your imagination:


Conch Shells: Nothing evokes the tropical feel of a South Florida wedding like large conch shells and sand dollars.

Bird Cages: Antique or distressed bird cages make a dramatic centerpiece.

Lighthouses: Florida is home to numerous historic lighthouses. Not only are they romantic for a nautical wedding theme, but they symbolize a beacon of light.

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Sailboats: Bring the marina or beach venue to you with a sailboat theme set on a piece of driftwood. This centerpiece idea also works well with a navy blue and white color scheme which presents a clean and crisp look to your reception.

Anchors: Representing a nautical theme, anchors are the perfect centerpiece that symbolizes stability and strength. Pair your anchor with some nautical rope. Is there anything cuter than sailor knots to symbolizing a tying of the knot?

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Palm Trees: Real or replicas, palm trees or cut palm fronds are the ultimate in South Florida wedding decor.

Coral: White wispy coral formations go hand in hand with South Florida beach weddings!

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Hot Air Balloons: A whimsical idea to your table décor, hot air balloons are both magical and romantic.

Fish Bowls: There is a soothing element that goldfish, guppies or beta fish bring to the table. Your guests will look twice when they first arrive to their seat.

Fruit: A cylinder of bright whole yellow lemons, limes, or oranges creates a fresh and unique look to each table setting. Or, cut the fruit into circles and place them in a water filled vase with a floating candle accenting the top.

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Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 03/17/2014

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