South Florida Beach Wedding Updos

Wedding stylists often recommend updos for South Florida beach weddings. The reason behind this popular beach wedding style--tropical breezes can sweep in from the ocean in a matter of minutes, tousling tresses into a tangled mess and obscuring the view to your handsome groom.

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Wind swept is trendy; windy is not. Updos solve this problem and look quite elegant. Updos include styles from loose side ponytails and fishtails to tight modern buns and French twists. A popular trend now is strategically placed braids. Accentuate your updo with fresh tropical flowers, brooches or jewels or include a few wispy strands.

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Of course, the best styles reflect your personality. Schedule a hair trial with your favorite stylist a month before your South Florida wedding and remember to bring your veil. The hair trial tests the longevity of that curl and how comfortable you are with that metal clip, tiara  or hair piece. Note any adjustments you would like to make and provide that information to your stylist.

The side benefits of updos include an accentuated neckline, jaw line and shoulders. Updos can also offset an intricate wedding gown. Finally, updos will make brides appear taller so be mindful if this look works for you.

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Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 06/30/2014

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