Succulents for Your South Florida Wedding

Succulents are a wonderful addition to your South Florida wedding bouquet or centerpiece. They add unique accents, hearty leafy texture and a rustic element to your arrangement.

Photo credit: Buttercup

Advantages include they thrive in warm climates and are available year-round. Since there are a variety of succulents, there is flexibility in choosing the types you like most that blend well with your wedding flowers. Most importantly, succulents are eco-friendly and can be re-planted after the wedding, serving as a lasting memory for many years.

In this piece above, soft tone blooms are fused with vegetables, herbs and succulents defining a farm-to-table essence.

Photo credit: Buttercup

Here is a centerpiece featuring succulents for a fun mid-summer soiree or South Florida wedding.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 05/26/2014

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