The Key to a Unique Wedding is You

Couples can set their wedding apart from the rest with just a few simple ideas.

Incorporate as much as of your personality into the wedding as you can -- from your grandma's favorite recipe to a timeline of how

the two of you met and fell in love. Not everyone knows your story, so share it.


What makes a wedding unique has nothing to do with the budget or the money you spend, but, all about the one or two things that

make it about the two of you. Making things personal instead of searching through Pinterest is what does the trick all the time!


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Themes are another popular way to make a wedding unique. There are subtle ways to coordinate a theme without overdoing it. When

bringing a theme to a wedding it's best to think in terms of "deconstructing" your theme. Meaning, have splashes of it in certain areas

without it looking like a Halloween party or a themed bar mitzvah.


Do a specialty group in cocktail hour that fits that theme of music. For instance, if you're doing a Great Gatsby theme, hire an amazing

1930's Dixie jazz ensemble for cocktail hour and maybe hand out costume pearl necklaces on the dance floor the last hour. When working

with themes, less is more! Trust me!


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Posted by Sara Renee Events on 04/30/2013

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