5 Easy Tips for a Successful Baltimore Wedding Toast

Where there are wedding receptions in Baltimore, there will be speeches. Now if you are chosen to give a toast, don’t panic. Using a prepared speech and following a few basic guidelines below will ensure a successful toast.

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Content: Sincerity is key. Spread happiness not awkward moments. Talk about how truly wonderful it is that the couple found each other and you share in their happiness. Toast the happy couple and their future of love and laughter.

Warm Welcome: Welcome her/him into the family, if that is the case. However, if you are not exactly close, asked to give a speech and panic about the content, either keep it short and sweet like above or find a go-to poem about love.

Keep It Classy: Leave out embarrassing stories, anything pertaining to sex (remember grandmom is a guest), personal jokes or previous relationships. Do not go there.

Time: Keep it succinct. Between 5-10 minutes, closer to the five minute mark is ideal. Often, wedding toasts coincide with the serving of a highly catered meal so try not to overspeak during a hungry crowd. This makes sure hot meals are served hot.

Raise a Glass: End the speech with, “Here’s to the bride and groom,” or their names, raise the glass and be seated. Do not pass the microphone to anyone else not designated to speak.

Sticking to these pointers will create a successful toast for your Baltimore wedding.


Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 01/25/2016

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