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What you can (and maybe what you should) expect of your wedding venue manager.

There are particular personality types that go best with certain types of work. I admit to being a moderately-reformed perfectionist, a bit of a completionist, and seriously anal retentive. There is, in my world, a place for everything and everything in its place. These are all good characteristics for a venue manager (or in my case, owner) to possess.

Of course, none of that means a thing without the skills, knowledge, and experience that comes from years spent running a wedding venue and hundreds of weddings. A seasoned Baltimore venue manager brings professional guidance and judgment that you can use to your advantage. They also have relationships with other wedding professionals that can save you time and potential disappointment.


Here are some of the things that a professional venue manager can do for you:


They will guide you through their list of Baltimore wedding caterers.

Caterers have a lot of impact upon your wedding and upon the venue. It’s in the venue’s best interest to work with caterers who they know will take good care of you and of their venue. Good venue managers do the work of vetting caterers, and often develop a time-tested list of approved or preferred caterers. Using that list, they’re able to guide you toward the caterers that are the best fit for your style and budget. That’s a big deal that can save you a huge amount of time and effort, not to mention disappointment, on your Baltimore wedding day!


They know and can recommend lots of wedding professionals.

You’re probably going to engage the services of a Baltimore wedding photographer, a DJ or band, maybe some ceremony musicians, a florist, an officiant, and perhaps a wedding planner, among others. Experienced venue managers know lots of professionals in every discipline. They’ve seen more of these professionals working than almost anyone. They know who is good and who is not, and why. Their professional guidance is worth exponentially more than a random bride’s experience, or a chance find at a wedding show.


They know and have detailed lists of the resources you might need.

You want to take good care of your family and friends who are coming to attend your wedding. Caring for you and your guests before, during, and after your wedding matters to the best venue managers. They can make it easy for you by providing curated lists of the that things you and your guests might need, including hotels, restaurants, rehearsal dinner venues, after-party spots, and post-wedding brunch venues and—very important—parking information. Bonus points if they offer their own directions to the venue!

Coupled with a service-oriented venue, a seasoned professional venue manager can make your wedding planning experience — and your wedding — go so much easier, with a lot less stress, and include all the things you want and need.


David L. Egan is the proprietor and steward of the castle at Chase Court, a historic wedding and event venue in Baltimore. Visit, and follow ChaseCourtWeddingVenue on Instagram and Pinterest
Posted by David Egan on 02/28/2019

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