Engraving Wedding Rings for Your Baltimore Wedding

Are you thinking about engraving your wedding rings? Or have you decided that you want to, but don’t know where to start?

Engraved wedding rings can add even more of a special touch to your Baltimore wedding day

If you want to engrave a wedding ring, ask your jeweler about it when purchasing the ring. If you already know what you want, they might be able to engrave it for you right there in the store while you wait. If not, they can recommend an engraver to do it for you. 

Make sure the length of your quote will fit on the ring, especially if the quote is long. Longer quotes fit better on wider rings. 

Make sure the style of ring you chose could actually be engraved. Some rings, such as ones that have diamonds all the way around, might not be able to be engraved because the diamonds go all the way through to the inside. Before you make your purchase, just double check with your jeweler. 

Wait until after the rings have been sized to have them engraved. If you have them engraved first, you might end up with letters that are odd sizes because they were affected when the size of the ring was changed. 

The cost of engraving a ring can vary widely. It is definitely something you should talk to your jeweler or engraver about before you do it so you know how much you will be spending, whether it’s something as simple as your initials and the date of your wedding or something longer, like a favorite saying. 

While it is a common theme to have the couple’s names or initials and the date of their wedding engraved on a ring, that is certainly not the only option. Everything from favorite quotes to sweet nicknames can be included, and you can talk to your jeweler or engraver about adding symbols such as hearts or infinity signs and different font styles. 

Posted by Sarah Fife on 03/01/2016

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