How to Find Your First Dance Song

Finding the song that resonates for your very first wedding dance can be a special moment.

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You just know. Or maybe not. If you are the latter, it's OK--you are in good company. Many couples are challenged to find that perfect song. Perhaps you had one and then realized, wow, that lyric sure will make Grandma blush! And me…or both! Or the song you love with the great vocals but find out later it's really about a cheating heart or break up? Not quite wedding dance material! Back to square one you go! Well, if this scenario sounds familiar, help is on the way!


First, know that the entertainment you booked is your best resource. Whether it is a live band, disc jockey or something in between, rest assured they will guide you through in the right direction as your Baltimore wedding draws near. These musicians are well versed in the artistry of their industry, and have worked numerous weddings. However, if you need some closer earlier, here are some suggestions:


Wedding Coordinator: Number one on Team Bride and Groom is your wedding planner. They are equipped to make excellent suggestions for that first dance song. The also have a feel for your style having assisted you in planning your theme, choosing your venue and menu and more.


Time Travel: Revisit your first date to that radio song that played on your way. If you cannot recall, look up love songs on the internet during that time period. Maybe it was on a movie sound track from that favorite romantic comedy?


Milestones: Take pointers from your past to find your first dance song you’re your Baltimore wedding. Remember your first concert? That theater production or Broadway show down town?

How about that first vacation together? Or even your proposal--did a song play in the background?


Favorites: Is there a favorite musical artist you both enjoy? Perhaps you can find your special song that way.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 03/24/2014

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