How to Keep Flowers Fresh for your Baltimore Wedding Day

Whether they’re gracing tables, adorning the altar, or accompanying the bride down the aisle, flowers play an important part in most weddings. Yet, their delicate, temporal nature can make them the source of a lot of anxiety: no bride wants to have her gorgeous floral arrangements wilt away halfway through her big day!

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to ensure that you get the most out of your blooms for as long as possible. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your bouquet and centerpieces looking fresh and fabulous throughout your ceremony and reception!

  • If you are having your flowers delivered to you by your florist, make sure that the delivery occurs as close as possible to the time they will be needed. Florists are trained to keep flowers alive and your blooms will do much better in their temperature-controlled environment than anywhere else.

  • When you’re choosing the flowers for your bouquet and centerpieces, make sure you take the time of year into account. Not all flowers are created equal and some withstand hot summer temperatures much better than others. If you chose blooms that are appropriate for the climate, you will have much better results in keeping them from drooping prematurely. Ask your florist for recommendations on what flowers will do best for your chosen time of year! In addition, small bouquets often hold out much better than larger ones, which have a tendency to wilt more quickly.

  • Flowers bruise very easily! To avoid bruising and browning, try not to touch the blossoms with your fingers. Also, consider choosing flowers in darker colors if you are worried about browning. Even though white, pink, and light yellow flowers are gorgeous, they do tend to brown faster than their darker cousins.

  • Keeping flowers cool will make them last much longer! There’s nothing like heat to make a blossom wilt prematurely, so keep your blooms out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. When storing your flowers (especially boutonnieres and corsages, which can’t be put in a vase), it can be helpful to put them in a refrigerator or cooler. However, keep in mind that the ideal temperature for keeping flowers is between 40 °F and 50°F, while the recommended temperature for a refrigerator is around 37°F. If you plan to store your flowers in the fridge, make sure you raise the temperature! Also, be aware that some fruits which might be innocently chilling in your refrigerator might cause your flowers to wilt faster.

  • The best kind of flower food for preserving your flowers is likely that specially formulated for the purpose, which can be purchased from your Baltimore florist. There are lots of home mixtures, such as sugar water or aspirin in water, but it’s better to use what the pros use! Alternatively, it’s been shown that Sprite or 7-Up can really extend the life of your cut flowers. Try it! There are also some great products for preserving flowers that can be bought pretty cheaply on

  • When it comes to flowers in vases, there are several important tricks to know! First, remove as much foliage from stems as possible before placing them in water. Leaves can cause bacteria to grow, which will make the water slimy and kill your flowers more quickly. Second, always cut your flowers before placing them in water: the stems form a sort of seal at their base when they are out of water for any length of time which will prevent them from drinking when placed back in. Cutting these stems will allow them to drink again and should be done with a sharp knife instead of scissors, which can inadvertently squish the stems and prevent them from absorbing water. When cutting stems, do so at an angle and under water to prevent air from entering the opened stem. Always use warm or room-temperature water in your vases, as this allows plants to drink more easily. Finally, always use sterile, clean vases to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, which will cause your flowers to die more quickly.

  • Bouquets need water, too! Whenever your wedding bouquet is not in your hands, it should be in a container of water! Have a decorative container of water on hand to place the bouquet in during the reception. When you place it in water, snip off the stems a little at an angle to help the flowers hydrate more quickly. If you can’t place the bouquet in water, a little spritz of water from a spray bottle can do wonders!


Posted by Dessa Wideman on 04/29/2014

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