Bridal party outside the barn in fall wearing deep burgandy dresses next to bride at Hamilton Manor, New Jersey wedding venue

4 Cozy New Jersey Wedding Venues For Fall

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp and fall has started, the feeling of being cozy by the fire is second to none. Imagine as the brisk wind blows outside, you and your partner are warm and cozy surrounded by those you love. If that sounds inviting, here are four cozy New Jersey wedding venues for fall!

Bride and groom surrounded by petals after their ceremony in barn at Hamilton Manor, New Jersey wedding venue

Photo: The Hamilton Manor

The Hamilton Manor

Imagine wooden barrels, melting candles, glasses of champagne. Your partner is right beside you waiting for the iconic moment where you say “I do”. This reflects the setting at The Hamilton Manor.

You will find The Hamilton Manor is a combination of luxury, and rustic style. Though their ballroom is grand, with high ceilings and chandeliers, you can also opt for a smaller, warmer style of wedding. For example, you can have you ceremony in front of the decorative fireplace. Or you can choose a beautiful reception near the wood barn adorned with fairy lights.

Bridal party outside the barn in fall wearing deep burgandy dresses next to bride at Hamilton Manor, New Jersey wedding venue

Photo: The Hamilton Manor

The stunning wooden beams and decor simply make this rustic-chic venue even more unique. In addition to the stunning interior, the manor is surrounded by an exquisite wooded property. It’s where you can take incredible photos and enjoy the stunning colors of the fall. 

Bride and groom surrounded by tons of flowers at The Gables Historic Inn, New Jersey wedding venue

The Gables Historic Inn and Restaurant

This flower adorned, elegant, and absolutely stunning inn is the perfect place for an intimate wedding venue. The Inn has a maximum capacity of 100 (indoor) or 150 (outdoor).

Inside, this Victorian styled New Jersey inn includes an enchanting crackling log fire. And what is more cozy than a rustic lounge with walls lined in bookshelves? In addition, seasonal flowers, decorations and a perfectly manicured garden make this venue extra stunning in autumn. Pair this scenery with elegant fine dining and you have yourself the perfect up-scale, cozy wedding venue.

Cozy reception area with fireplace at The Gables Historic Inn New Jersey wedding venue

Furthermore, their guest rooms are beautifully decorated. They are designed to make you feel comfortable and pampered if you stay overnight. If one log fire for your venue wasn’t enough, you can have your own private marble fireplace. They also include a whirlpool bath, marble bathroom, and a complementary gourmet breakfast. There is a truly wonderful feeling when you are comfortable and warm while outside is cold. And The Gables Historic Inn and Restaurant truly embodies that feeling.

Bride and groom on rustic bridge at Inn at Millrace Pond New Jersey wedding venue

Inn at Millrace Pond

Does vintage elegance with stone cottages, a rustic barn, and a historical tavern sound like the perfect wedding? Then the Inn at Millrace Pond is the right place for you. The photographic opportunities are endless with stunning grounds, ponds, streams, and charming wooden foot bridge. All adorned with the crisp leaves of fall.

The entire village is dedicated to you and your guests when you book here. The beautiful woods makes it entirely secluded from the rest of the world while surrounded by your loved ones. Stunning arched wooden beams and a cobblestone fireplace line the reception space.

Reception decorated with white flowers by the fireplace at Inn at Millrace Pond NJ wedding venue

In addition, when it comes to the food, Frungillo’s Catering does not disappoint. It’s easy to see why the inn has partnered with them, having served incredible food for over fifty years. The Inn at Millrace pond offers a truly intimate yet stunning wedding experience. 

Bride and groom rustic elegant reception in barn at The Cranbury Inn

Photo: The Cranbury Inn

The Cranbury Inn

When it comes to a rustic, comforting and elegant wedding, the Cranbury Inn is spot on. In fact, their reception space includes a two floor wooden grand room, with wooden beams and chandeliers inlaying the roof. As beautiful as the venue is, the food and drink is the true star of the show. They have over 24 wines on tap, and over 250 different types of craft beer to offer.

The Cranbury Inn has been providing unforgettable memories for over 265 years and throughout that time has gained a reputation for their mouth watering menu. The options are plentiful and they offer different food options for everyone. Skimping is not a word in their vocabulary for they will provide delicious and hearty meals that will not only be satisfying but unforgettable.

The Cranbury Inn does not only offer a cozy atmosphere and gratifying dishes but a memorable experience you will never forget.

Certainly, it’s easy to see why these are cozy New Jersey wedding venues for fall.