Bride and groom posing by palms with horse decorated with flowers at Redland Farm Life rustic South Florida wedding venue

4 Rustic South Florida Wedding Venues Perfect for Fall

Find rustic South Florida wedding venues, how our list can narrow your search for fall event spaces and make your planning easier.

If you live in South Florida, you might feel like you are missing out on the changing leaves and cooling temperatures that come with Autumn. If you are a self proclaimed “lover of fall”, these rustic South Florida wedding venues will give you the fall vibe you are looking for!

Bride and groom next to cake display at outdoor reception at Cinco Farm in South Florida

Photo: Cinco Farm

Why These Four Rustic South Florida Wedding Locations Are Special

  1.  Cinco Farm, Miami, FL

Cinco Farm is a beautiful ranch in Miami, Florida. In fact, this venue is the perfect bohemian atmosphere for your rustic farm wedding. Enjoy pristine gardens and vast fields that give you the nature you might be looking for. Or, consider its beautiful rustic barn to fulfill the vintage, ranch-style wedding of your dreams!

Cinco Farms is five acres of picturesque scenes for your wedding, and is equipped to host an intimate gathering, a gigantic wedding, and every in between! The venue’s accommodations lessens stress for wedding planning. They understand the importance of affordability and have a team that really cares about your special day. 

Bride and groom posing by palms with horse decorated with flowers at Redland Farm Life rustic South Florida wedding venue

Photo: Redland Farm Life

  1. Redland Farm Life, Miami, FL

This charming, one of a kind location encapsulates the quiet, rustic, and peaceful life. The well tended farm makes for a picturesque view, but you can also enjoy the tropical greens native to Florida. The epitome of Florida country charm, Redland Farm Life will grant your wish for a relaxing, rustic wedding. 

Brown barn draped in sheer curtains with seating for ceremony in front lawn at Redland Farm Life

Photo: Redland Farm Life

Redland Farm Life is five acres of beautiful nature scenes. In addition, its romantic wooden barn is perfect for your rustic wedding reception. Also, the unforgettable, professionally designed butterfly garden truly makes Redland Farm Life paradise. Finally, Redland Farm provides over 3,000 decorations and a wedding planner. They are included with your event, as well as multiple reception locations to choose from!

Bride and groom in tropical garden at Estrella Estate, rustic South Florida wedding venue

Photo: Estrella Estate

  1. Estrella Estate, Miami, FL

Estrella Estate is the venue for the barn wedding of your dreams. This venue provides a variety of locations for your wedding: The gorgeous, well kept farm; the rustic gazebo surrounded by old Longan trees; the open sky, pre reception area, perfect for cocktail hour or an outdoor reception. Finally, the barn is the heart of Estrella Estate, with a rich history and an intimate indoor feel. 

Bride and groom at sweetheart table at Estrella Estate, rustic South Florida wedding venue

Photo: Estrella Estate

Estrella Estate’s establishment goal was to preserve the rural culture of the Redlands in Florida, and it certainly does that. With a variety of event space options on 10 acres of beautiful land, as well as indoor and outdoor choices, Estrella Estate is truly a utopia!


  1. The Barn 305, Homestead, FL

The Barn 305 encompasses the country landscape of Florida, as well as its beautiful nature and greenery. This South Florida wedding venue is complete with a two story, rustic barn, to fulfill your cozy dreams of fall. In fact, the venue has a capacity for over 400 guests.

The services provided by Barn 305 are like no other. Floral services, DJ entertainment, catering and bartender services. In fact, every detail is taken care of for you! In addition, the state of the art lighting and sound system will enhance your wedding experience and give you your dream celebration. Also, it can host both indoor, for the cozy feel, and outdoor, under the beautiful blue sky or the shining stars! 

Finally, it’s easy to see why these are the perfect rustic South Florida wedding venues for fall.