5 Best Baltimore Wedding Venues for Historic Home Lovers


Photo credit: Grey Rock Mansion/Imagery by Erin

Who doesn’t love being home? Why wouldn’t you – homes are comfortable, versatile, and easy. These five homes allow you to take the ‘home sweet home’ story up a notch. If you want your wedding guests to dive into the lives of farmers, socialites, and property owners of times past, these historic homes will prove to be an inviting experience for your entire party! Here are the five best Baltimore wedding venues for historic home lovers:

Formal gardens circular ceremony space at Montpelier Mansion, one of the best Baltimore wedding venues for historic home lovers.

Photo: Montpelier Mansion

Montpelier Mansion

Just south of Laurel, Maryland, you will discover Montpelier Mansion, located in Prince George County. This 5-part Georgian country home is flanked by central pavilions, internal paneling, and formal gardens – set in 1970. Furthermore, it features boxwood hedges, a maze, and an additional summer house. Both an indoor and outdoor space, Montpelier Mansion can serve 85 guests with an enriching experience.

In addition, it holds quite a history. Montpelier Mansion has been visited by the likes of George Washington, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR. Imagine, you and your partner can be the next notable guests of the property.

Furthermore, Montpelier Mansion sits upon terrain that was once profitable to numerous indigenous groups. Specifically, it included the Pawtuxunt and Mattapanient tribes. In 1658, the home became the property of its first owner, Richard Snowden. The home remained in the Snowden line until 1831. From there, it was transferred through a series of various owners. Eventually, it became the property of the Maryland-National Capital Park.

Through its lifetime, Montpelier Mansion was primarily a plantation for agricultural and iron production, and the preservation of such a monument highlights the stories of those – enslaved and free – who are part of Montpelier’s history.

Groom in military uniform holding bride near fence at Worsell Manor, one of the best Baltimore wedding venues for historic home lovers.

Photo: Worsell Manor

Worsell Manor

Worsell Manor is a lovely 1683, Warwick, Maryland abode. It features a rustic barn, elegant house, and sweeping property fit for any and all weddings.

In addition, it has a prime location. In fact, it’s within just one hour to five major cities – Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington D.C. Worsell Manor can serve you and your party at any time, wherever your guests may be hailing from.

Aside from your couple, the biggest fan of this property is none other than George Washington, who frequently attended parties thrown at the intimate manor.

Considered a religious haven at points throughout its history, Worsell has witnessed numerous historical events and provided recluse for notable figures. Now, the property’s fountain garden and white barn boasts authentic charm, fit for a wedding up to 190 guests.

Bride holding white and pink bouquet by floor to ceiling windows at Glenview Mansion, one of the best Baltimore wedding venues for historic home lovers.

Photo: Glenview Mansion

Glenview Mansion

Glenview Mansion, built in 1926, overlooks 28 acres of beautiful landscape and curated gardens. This neoclassical home resides on the National Registry for Historic Homes. It is nothing short of spectacular!

The home boasts boxwood gardens, marble flooring, and a ‘cottage.’ In fact, it was once used as a dollhouse for the daughter of Dr. Lyon, who occupied the home in 1917 with his wife. The manor itself is not the only point of pride, however, as the house sits upon Rockville’s civic center park. It has 173 acres, making it open to up to 400 of your guests.

The grounds, originally part of Judge Bowie’s farm, quickly became a hotspot for Washington socialites. In fact, the home is a mere half hour from D.C.’s city center. Certainly, you will want to visit Glenview Mansion for a historic and inspiring experience!

Wedding couple sitting on front steps at the illuminated Liriodendron Mansion, one of the best Baltimore wedding venues for historic home lovers.

Photo: Liriodendron Mansion/Kathleen Hertel Photography

Liriodendron Mansion

Similarly, Liriodendron Mansion is another choice on the National Registry of Historical Places. It is a free public establishment in popular Bel Air, Maryland. Nearly 3 stories tall, the home, designed by Baltimore firm Wyatt & Nolting, exhibits palladian – neoclassical architecture c. 1715. In fact, its influence can be seen throughout each magnificent room.

Historically, the mansion came into fruition in 1898. It acted as a summer destination for Howard Kelly – one of John Hopkins four founding fathers. In the late 1970s, the home came under the jurisdiction of Harford County for its purposes of educating the public.

Wedding couples may have full reign of the property. This includes both its elegant house with three working fireplaces. In addition, there is access to its sweeping gardens and wisteria-clothed terraces. Liriodendron is happy to accommodate 120 of your guests, all of which can be served from 11 of their closely partnered caterers.


Bride and groom kissing by fountain on manicured grass with Grey Rock Mansion's historic Baltimore wedding venue in background.

Photo: Grey Rock Mansion/John Heredia Photography

Grey Rock Mansion

Lastly, the fifth historical home is none other than 2022 Couple’s Choice award winner: Grey Rock Mansion. Situated on one of the highest points in Baltimore, this mansion is a feast for your eyes.

Specifically, romantic chandeliers, an outdoor gazebo, and fountain all befit a romantic wedding. In addition, Grey Rock Mansion is happy to accommodate 100 seated guests in their ballroom, 180 in their tent, and 250 using both spaces and a dance floor. Allow Grey Rock to whisk you and your guests into an evening of mystery and elegance.

Its history is intriguing. For example, since its birth in 1858, the home has changed hands numerous times and befitted numerous services. A scene of both fundraisers and events and a retreat and seminary towards the later part of the 20th century, Grey Rock has reached its most elegant purpose yet: a wedding venue.

Finally, it is easy to see why these are the best Baltimore wedding venues for historic home lovers