5 Facts About Moshulu, a Philadelphia Waterfront Wedding Venue

Photo: Martin Reardon Photography
It’s Fun Fact Friday with five special facts about your favorite Philadelphia wedding venues on the water.
Today, we are featuring historic Moshulu, an icon among Philadelphia landmarks. Its setting is against the backdrop of Benjamin Franklin Bridge along the Delaware River. Indeed, you’ll see why Moshulu is a top Philadelphia waterfront wedding venue.

Bride and groom with boats in the background on deck of Moshulu, a Philadelphia waterfront wedding venue

The Deck’s open air atmosphere makes you feel like a sun-kissed jetsetter. In addition, it has a menu to match.

Furthermore, tents and heaters on the deck allow for celebrations all year long.

Bride and groom kiss during ceremony on the deck of Moshulu, Philadelphia wedding reception venue.
Photo credit: Moshulu/Longbrook Photography
Inside, The State Room is a newly renovated ballroom space. In fact, it has river and city views from below the deck.
White and pink flower centerpiece with glass ship windows in background at Moshulu's unique Philadelphia wedding venue
Photo: Moshulu/Dawn Mitchell
Here are five special facts that make Moshulu a unique Philadelphia wedding venue:
1. Moshulu remains the world’s oldest and largest square-rigged sailing vessel still afloat.
2. The Moshulu is a Hollywood movie star. It appeared in scenes of The Godfather, Rocky, and Blow Out. In addition, Moshulu is a TV celebrity. It appeared in an episode of The Real Housewives of New York.
3. In 1996, Mrs. Dodo Hamilton of the Campbell’s Soup family painstakingly restored the Moshulu to her original turn of the century glory.
4. Renamed “Moshulu” by Mrs. Woodrow Wilson to honor the Seneca Indian Tribe. It means “one who fears nothing.”
5. In fact, Moshulu won the very last grain race of square-rigged sailing ships. The race was on June 10, 1938. It was between Australia and Europe while carrying 59,000 bags of grain. The grain weighed 4,875 tons. In addition, Moshulu had a record speed of 16 knots in 91 days (15,000 miles) from Australia to Queenstown Cobh, Ireland.
Yellow flowers with boats and Benjamin Franklin Bridge in background on deck of Moshulu's Philadelphia waterfront wedding venue.
Photo: Moshulu/Dawn Mitchell
Certainly, it’s easy to see why Moshulu is a top Philadelphia Waterfront Wedding Venue.
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