Bride and groom dancing in the courtyard ruins under string lights at The Old Mill, one of the best wedding venues in Delaware County PA.

7 Cottagecore Wedding Venues in Delaware County PA

Uncover cottagecore wedding venues in Delaware County PA, how our list can direct you to dreamy fairytale spaces and connect you to your woodland setting.

Main photo credit: Asya Photography/The Old Mill

Many engaged couples dream of getting married by cottages nestled among the woods, sitting next to a warm hearth, admiring the surrounding foliage. The cottagecore fantasy putting a smile on your lips just at the thought. However, there is no need to dream. There are multiple reception venues perfect for woodland lovers in Delaware County. Here are 7 cottagecore wedding venues in Delaware County, PA that reflect this aesthetic.

7 event spaces in Delaware County right out of a fairytale.

Bride walking toward groom facing the other way with castle like tower in the background at Duke Sculpture Garden, one of the best wedding venues in Delaware County, PA.

Photo credit: Duke Sculpture Garden

Duke Sculpture Garden

Surrounded by a regal turret and hidden by trimmed bushes and trees, Duke Sculpture Garden is tucked away underneath an elegant arch. This estate is perfect for those searching for a secret magical venue experience; the combination of cobblestone structures with the lush natural beauty creates an atmosphere of true magic.

Photo: Duke Sculpture Garden

Though the exterior may whisk you away to an enchanted past, the cozy interior is a celebration of modern artistry with a one-of-a-kind art gallery. In fact, it can host up to 225 people. Furthermore, several of the displayed pieces are original, ensuring that your wedding night will be unlike any other.

Bride on romantic swing decorated with tons of spring flowers at Pomme, one of the best wedding venues in Delaware County, Pa.

Photo: Pomme


Over 100 years old, Pomme in Radnor is a truly magical, natural beauty. If the sounds of a babbling brook, the rustle of lush trees and ferns, and the crunch of leaves are what you are looking for, then this is the place for you. Pomme is a sequence of bridges, ornate patios, rustic vine-laced swings, and a country shed. In essence, it is the perfect place for those looking for a cottage-core wedding venue. They even have a pond with a pair of swans to contribute to the natural elegance of their woodlands.

Bride and groom during ceremony by the cobblestone fireplace at Pomme.

Photo credit: Teneyck Photography/Pomme

The indoor ballroom is just as majestic as the exterior. Greenery adorns high beams and a cobblestone fireplace overlooks the graceful space that can fit 200 guests.

Bride and groom cozy at The Inn at Villanova University, one of the best wedding venues in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

The Inn at Villanova University

This venue is an artistic blend of aged charm and modern sophistication. The Inn at Villanova University, on the exterior, has the appearance of a stone, whimsy manor guarded by grand gates, while inside is a contemporary space perfect for dancing and celebration.

Guests mingling during a wedding reception at The Inn at Villanova.

Photo: The Inn at Villanova University

In addition, leafy grounds surround the spacious patio providing a stunning backdrop along with the serene water features. This spacious venue can host 220 people and has 22 intricately designed rooms, ideal for staying the night and pampering during your big day. Certainly, it is a slice of harmony and elegance in the midst of the bustling township.

Photo credit: M2 Photography/Parque Ridley Creek

Parque Ridley Creek

The forest shelters the historic stone manor as you and your loved one exchange vows. The light hits just at the right moment as it bounces off calming fountains. You smile as you take each other’s hand and walk along the fantastical staircase and chic patios. Indeed, Parque Ridley Creek artistically combines the beauty of nature with the elevated atmosphere and stone architecture.

Photo credit: Philter Photo/Parque Ridley Creek

Perfect for intimate gatherings, the primary reception area holds up to 150 friends and family. Also, this 2,600 acre estate has a wide assortment of backdrops with trails, manicured lawns, and formal gardens. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres served on the back terrace or in the meticulously designed foyer and parlor transports you to a romantic, magical, getaway.

The perfect cottagecore wedding venue in Delaware County PA, The Historic Grange Estate.

Photo: The Historic Grange Estate

The Historic Grange Estate

The Historic Grange Estate is the sheer embodiment of tree-laden and flower spotted scenery. In fact, their newly renovated flower adorned courtyard compliments the wide verandah where you will host your ceremony. Surrounding it are multiple springhouses, a carriage house, water wheel, and delightful ruins. Indeed, it is a combination of historic 1700s architecture and woodland beauty on 10 acres of land.

Bride and groom embracing by towering trees in the woodlands at The Old Mill in Delco PA.

Photo credit: Fuller Photography/The Old Mill

The Old Mill

Without a doubt, The Old Mill reflects cottagecore. Does a hidden alcove sheltered by a canopy of trees and flowers, resting underneath a stone archway, bamboo lining your garden, sound like something out of a fairytale? This sets the scene at The Old Mill. It is well-maintained and lovely year round from walking along snow covered trails to smelling newly bloomed flower buds.

Photo credit: Fuller Photography/The Old Mill

In addition, The Old Mill is a nationally registered historic site with a blissful ambiance of meadows, gardens, courtyards and rivers. Outdoor ceremonies can be held in the stone ruins pavilion. Meanwhile, the indoor space combines cottage-core stylings with modern flair. Finally, rustic lights hang from high beams along the ceiling and even more arches await inside this 250 person space.

Photo: Tyler Arboretum

Tyler Arboretum

Tyler Arboretum, filled with rolling meadows and immaculate woods has recently undergone over $1.2 million in renovation. However, it still very much retains its charming allure. For example, the vast wooden barn lined with patios and polished structure fit perfectly into the surrounding natural scenery. Finally, outdoor weddings on the patio can fit 200 people while the barn can comfortably fit 140.

Inside the barn reception space at Tyler Arboretum in Media, one of the best wedding venues in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Photo: Tyler Arboretum

Lilacs and magnolias line the fields and the wooden arched bridge is an architectural marvel. In addition, the wooden walkway by the pond makes for stunning picture opportunities. Certainly, Tyler Arboretum’s size and beauty will make your special day one to remember.

Lastly, it’s easy to see why these reception venues in Delaware County, PA make for the perfect cottagecore setting.