7 New Jersey Wedding Venues For Food Enthusiasts


Just imagine the heavenly scents drifting across the room as you walk in to your stunning wedding reception, the overlapping chatter dies down as everyone enjoys the custom delicacy for your special day. There will no longer be a need to imagine, with these seven incredible New Jersey wedding venues for food enthusiasts!


Bride and groom dancing with twinkling lights backdrop at Cross & Orange, one of the best New Jersey wedding venues for food enthusiasts.

Photo: Cross & Orange

Cross and Orange

This restaurant which is full of delicious aromas, and mouthwatering food is perfect for any sized wedding. Whether it be a small ceremony of 15 people all the way up to 200 guests, Cross & Orange is a great fit! The food is all locally grown and the menu customized to each event. In fact, by dining here you will not only have the most incredible celebration but you are also supporting the local community!

Image of white plates with flatbread, lobster roll, scallops and French onion soup at Cross & Orange, one of the best New Jersey wedding venues for food enthusiasts.

Photo: Cross & Orange

Whether you want a fairly lit outdoor courtyard, or bouquets of flowers lining your tables, Cross and Orange can provide for anyone!

Reception tables by window view of waterfront at 26 West on the Navesink's New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: 26 West on the Navesink

26 West on the Navesink 

From a seafood buffet, to donuts to cupcakes, 26 West on the Navesink truly has it all for your New Jersey wedding or event. In addition, the atmosphere is truly welcoming and light! For example, they have a beautiful view of the marina right outside of the glass wall.

No need to go up to New England for some delicious lobster rolls, as these are the most iconic items on the menu, with two different varieties! They can truly serve everyone as they even have a separate kitchen to fit any dietary needs. In additon, they are known for their incredible bar, and their excellent service.

Bride and groom sitting at table at New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: 618 Restaurant

618 Restaurant

Similarly, 618 Restaurant, with three different rooms to choose from, fits any aesthetic. They are dedicated to making every detail unique to your special day. In fact, they even make custom ivory paper menus for each event.

In addition, they have even been rated as one of the 100 most romantic restaurants in the country for two years in a row!

Table with a variety of catered desserts and appetizers at 618 Restaurant, one of New Jersey wedding venues for food enthusiasts.

Photo: 618 Restaurant/Ryan Sands Photography

Certainly, this restaurant is definitely high class with their own wine selection ranging all the way from California to Italy. Obviously, it has an incredible menu ranging from southern fried chicken to handmade pasta. Lastly, 618 Restaurant can accommodate up to 175 people.

Photo: Aarzu Modern Indian Bistro

Aarzu Modern Indian Bistro

If you seek an ever changing, modern, new take on classic Indian dishes, then Aarzu Modern Indian Bistro is the place for you. They have three separate spaces to host any number of wedding guests. For example, they feature a ballroom for 150 people, to a private table for 10 people.

Photo: Aarzu Modern Indian Bistro

Their private events menu is incredibly extensive. Specifically, they create everything from vegetarian options, an upscale take on classic Indian street food, to a separate menu just for tea! This upscale restaurant is perfect for those looking for a professional setting and intricately executed cuisine!

Bride with bouquet in the air next to groom after their ceremony at Rooftop at Exchange Place's unique New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: Rooftop at Exchange Place/Ralph Depiro Photography

Rooftop at Exchange Place

The Rooftop at Exchange Place is perfect for engaged couples looking to combine exquisite taste with stunning scenery. It offers a stunning skyline view, and sky light. Certainly, it’s the perfect location right on the Hudson with the silhouette of New York City.

In addition, it consists of two venues: The Terrace and The Atrium. In fact, the latter has a retractable glass ceiling, and each space has its own unique menu.

Decorated white reception tables in atrium at Rooftop at Exchange Place, a unique New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: Rooftop at Exchange Place/Ralph Depiro Photography

Furthermore, within each menu there are seven to eight separate menus. For example, The Terrace has a special menu for draughts and happy hour, while The Atrium has its own menus for two separate rounds of entrees. Finally, this location is great if you want a lighthearted outdoor atmosphere, or a high scale fine dining experience.

Round reception tables with floral centerpieces and twinkling lights above at Battello's unique New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: Battello


The Manhattan Skyline, two bars, multiple dining rooms, a lounge, and an Italian, seafood inspired menu are just some of the incredible offerings at Battello. The Chef at Battello has already won plenty of awards, and made numerous contributions to the culinary scene in New Jersey. For special events, Battello often has guest chefs and special wine tastings that can be customized per event.

Up close view of white and peach floral centerpiece and lights hanging overhead at Battello's unique New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: Battello/Custom by Nicole

The classy atmosphere paired with the hand-crafted seasonal menu, Battello provides an incredible wedding and event experience and food.

Certainly, it’s easy to see why these locations are the top New Jersey wedding venues for food enthusiasts.

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