Magical Winter Weddings!

Winter weddings are so magical. David Egan of Chase Court paints a winter scene, an ideal wedding setting!

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Imagine a walk through a winter garden. It’s a different place. All of the shapes and textures of the summer have been magically transformed by a dusting of snow into something new and beautiful. After a moment you notice a long row of flickering candle lanterns, guiding you down a walkway, promising something special to come.

Familiar music beckons you through a door. The scent of the space is familiar, old and comforting. It feels like you belong here.

The music draws you deeper in. It’s being played live, in the moment. The room is abuzz with the sound of many people engaged in happy chatter. Anticipation hangs in the air.

There are candles everywhere. Their soft glow brings life to the holly branches scattered about the room, with their deep green leaves and bright red berries. Twinkling fairie lights sparkle above, illuminating the wooden beams and leaded glass windows. There’s a fire in the fireplace. The room seems to wrap around you, like a favorite fuzzy coat.

Having a winter wedding can bring this fantasy to life!

The Danish, who know a thing or two about winter, have a concept called hygge (pronounced "hoo-ga”). It’s best defined as a feeling, or better, a state of being. It’s about being present and recognizing and enjoying the experience of being present. There is an intimacy to it.

The essential experience of hygge is found in bringing art and artfulness to the simple, everyday rituals of life. They become joyful and easy celebrations of the moment. Think of friends around a kitchen table, sharing good food and warm drinks in a cozy, comfortable space. That has the makings of hygge.

Hygge can usually be found in simple places, where there is coziness, charm, happiness, security, familiarity, and kinship. A special time with friends or family can be a hygge experience.

Which brings us back to your wedding.

Let’s start with the venue. Traditional, human-scaled venues are very hygge. Victorian, gothic and Tudor-style architecture, among others, is perfect. Exposed wooden beams, leaded glass windows, and warm, natural materials are all good. Speaking of warm, a fireplace or fire pit adds a special touch. Surround it all with a garden, ideally one with lots of winter interest. Holly and pine trees come to mind, as do thick, rich bushes with lots of red berries!

Indoors, the right light is essential. Windows are great, of course. At night you’ll want to add lots of warm, sparkly light. Candlelight, twinkle lights, and gently dimmed room lights can together create the perfect atmosphere.

And for food? Think comfort foods! Mac and cheese or grilled cheese and tomato soup hor d'oeuvres, hearty stews, roasted root vegetables, and drinks like hot chocolate and mulled wine. For decor, go for woody and natural, with holly branches, pine cones, and evergreens.

So, take a lesson from the winter experts. Embrace your inner hygge, and have a cozy and wonderful winter wedding!


David Egan is the proprietor and steward of Chase Court, a historic Baltimore wedding and event venue. Visit, and follow ChaseCourtWeddingVenue on Instagram and Facebook! Send your comments and questions to
Posted by David Egan on 12/12/2018

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