Bride and groom embrace during golden hour at Irvine Nature Center

5 Best Baltimore Wedding Venues for Raking in Fall Views

Learn about the best Baltimore wedding venues for fall views, how our list can narrow your search for event spaces and make it easier to find your dream wedding venue.

Are you looking for the best Baltimore wedding venues for fall? As leaves begin to form their orange and red carpet on the newly hardened ground, many couples might be seeking the ideal wedding venue to capture the incomparable change of seasons. Baltimore, Maryland holds no better opportunities to attain this desire.

With a range of historic, traditional, and cozy venues, Baltimore serves as the epitome of fall spirit and the perfect backdrop for your special day. Here are five of the best Baltimore wedding venues for raking in fall views.

Bride and groom embracing by stalks in farm field at Wye Branch Manor, one of the best Baltimore wedding venues for fall

Photo: Wye Branch Manor

Five Baltimore Wedding Venues for Fall and Guest Capacity

Wye Branch Manor

Our first choice is Wye Branch Manor where outdoor event spaces play on the natural beauty of Centerville, Maryland, and historic nature of its estate. The venue sits on a farm with manicured lawns, all aspects of which contribute to the organized and well-maintained reputation of this event space.

The venue can serve up to 300 guests, with or without dancing. In addition, the highly equipped support staff manages every detail. Moreover, the estate’s brick exterior rivals little else – especially considering the array of fall colors it seeks to stand amongst. Ultimately, falling leaves enhance the space’s natural ambiance, many of which will dance around you as you say “I Do” from one of their double-tiered balconies.

Bride and groom kiss by hay barrels at Barn at Grimmel Farms, one of the best Baltimore wedding venues for fall

Photo: The Barn at Grimmel Farms

The Barn at Grimmel Farms

While a grain and cattle farm might not seem like the ideal wedding location, The Barn at Grimmel Farms is about to prove you wrong. This four-generation farm seeks to provide couples with a rustic and unique experience, from its wood-lined, soaring interior farmhouse to its expansive lawn.

The farm’s breathtaking scenery reflects Greater Jarrettsville that is dotted with similarly green expanses. However, don’t let the sea of green dissuade you foliage lovers, for the acres are soon strewn with a myriad fallen leaves. A hundred of your closest friends and family can take part in this celebration. Surely, they will enjoy both the unique characteristics of the barn and the unobstructed view of autumn’s changing tides.

Bride and groom embrace during golden hour at Irvine Nature Center

Photo: Irvine Nature Center

Irvine Nature Center
The name says it all at this next property. Surely, Irvine Nature Center is where you will find every aspect of nature: fall foliage and beyond. This breathtakingly beautiful backdrop is not confined to a few select locations. In fact, it extends across the property’s 211 acres. Irvine Nature Center can be transformed into your dream wedding experience from the moment the first leaf touches the ground through November 15th.

Bride and groom embracing in gazebo with fall leaves on the ground at Irvine Nature Center, one of the best Baltimore wedding venues in fall

Photo: Irvine Nature Center/Pangtography 

Irvine hopes to serve 150 of your guests with dancing and 180 guests for a seated affair. All of Irvine’s services and event spaces are entirely eco-friendly. In fact, your event fee supports their program to educate individuals on nature and protecting the environment. Considering these factors, you’ll find it remarkably easy to fall in love with this property, 211 acres and all.

Groom dipping bride as she holds sunflowers at Howard County Conservancy

Photo: Howard County Conservancy/Hailey Rae Photography

Howard County Conservancy
This next venue, settled into 233 acres, offers two event spaces. First, Howard County Conservancy’s Gudelsky Room offers an eco-friendly experience for 150 guests in a banquet-style wedding. Or, for a cocktail reception, it can host up to 200 guests. Also, the building has many unique elements: terraces, bamboo flooring. Second, an additional Nature Center can host up to 50.

Imagine that your guest list could include one of Howard County Conservancy’s’s owls or goats. It’s true. They can even join you on the dance floor for 45-minute increments.

In addition, you can also spend an extra two hours in the Bridal Suite to prepare for the perfect day. Also, the “green” elements of the Gudelsky Room pair perfectly with the surrounding landscape: Woodstock’s rolling hills and sweeping plains. Howard County Conservancy’s Honor Garden & Patio give you a taste of this terrain. Certainly, it invites you to celebrate nature’s beauty and the couple that it surrounds.

Wedding party in orange accents in field at Harwood Farm

Photo: Harwood Farm

Harwood Farm
Harwood Farm, established in 1840, is both an event space and horse boarding facility. There is no shortage of rustic and natural sights at this venue. For example, it borders Patuxent State Park and overlooks corn and soybean fields as well as a three-acre pond. For weddings, Harwood Farm can host up to 150 guests year-round. This allows couples to partake in whichever season of beauty that nature offers.

For those seeking to hold their wedding in September through November, however, they will experience quite possibly the best sights of all. From a pet-friendly partnership, rustic bridal room, rehearsal space, to the renovated 1840 barn, the amenities provided by Harwood Farm are seemingly endless. In fact, Harwood dedicates itself to your special day. For example, they will host only one wedding party per weekend. Finally, as chestnut horses race through fallen leaves, excitement and love will only be strengthened by Harwood Farm.

Certainly, it’s easy to see why these are the best Baltimore wedding venues for fall scenery.