5 Seductive Philadelphia Wedding Venues For the Scorpio You Love

Extreme, intense, misunderstood Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars—the Roman god of war— and brooding Pluto—the god of the Underworld. Emotions run deep in these passionate individuals, so your wedding venue should entice and romance. Express your passion for each other in true Scorpio fashion.

Since the Seven-Symboled Scorpio is hard to pin down, we’ve curated a list of venues for five of Scorpio’s expressions. Alight your wedding with dazzling Scorpio flair with these seductive wedding venues.


College of Physicians – Mütter Museum

bride and groom laying on grand stairs at college of physicians's philadelphia wedding venue.
Photo by Morina Photography


Scorpio as the Scorpion. Of course, Scorpio is most often represented by the Scorpion because of their intensity, the undercurrent of danger that makes Scorpio one of the most misunderstood signs. A Scorpio wedding should be non-traditional and grandiose. Scorpios are unafraid of — even excited by — the dark, mysterious, magical and unknown. At the Mütter Museum you can find all of these attributes.

The Mütter Museum is part of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and it houses 19th century teaching models and instruments, including a skull collection, Grimm’s anatomy, magic and medicine. The drama and ghoulish atmosphere of their permanent exhibits is sure to intrigue your Scorpio partner. Beyond the exhibits, the venue can accommodate indoor and outdoor ceremonies – get out of the cold and marry under a Beaux Arts wooden colonnade, or get wed under the cover of night.



tall ship moshulu's philadelphia wedding venue lit up at night on delaware river
Photo by Fearless Restaurants


Scorpio as the Serpent. Despite the sign’s fiery reputation, Scorpio is in fact the Fixed Water sign—submerged in emotional depths, but with a skilled helmsman at the wheel. Moshulu is “delightful by day, and dazzling by night.” Cruise the Delaware River after-dark on Moshulu’s multi-level decks or show your beloved the Philadelphia skyline and waterfront at sunset. The Serpent represents the charming and versatile nature of Scorpio, and Moshulu is both.

Moshulu has to be versatile as the only Tall Ship restaurant venue in the world. This floating restaurant also hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Scorpios are notoriously tight-lipped with strangers which can make selecting a venue and vendors difficult. However, Moshulu’s packed events calendar means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to show your Scorpio a good time here before you say, “Did you know we can get married here?”


Kings Mills

groom dipping bride in front of historic stone mill with industrial windows at delaware county wedding venue.
Photo by Wise Image Photography


Scorpio as the Eagle. Scorpio as the Eagle is royalty incarnate— noble, visionary, passionate and, of course, enigmatic. See Marie Antoinette, Prince Charles, Gwendoline Christie, and Anne Hathaway. Despite their penchant for mystery, when a Scorpio falls in love, they go above and beyond to express their affection.

Your Scorpio partner is sure to identify with the nigh overwhelming grandiosity and charm of this Victorian venue. There are three rooms to choose from when booking this venue—the Historic Kings Chapel, the Patio, which overlooks a crashing waterfall, or the Springhouse. Every room in Kings Mills is equipped with a fireplace to beat away the autumn chill and create a glowing ambiance. Kings Mills is the quintessential Delco venue for the intensely romantic.


Artesano Gallery

Photo from Artesano Gallery


Scorpio as the Phoenix. Artesano Gallery is a fire-forged transformative sculpture gallery that burst forth from the skeleton of a Manayunk warehouse. Your love will revel in the eclectic, mysterious atmosphere and indulge in cuisine cooked by Artesano’s international chef. ‘Real, eclectic, sexy, elegant, fabulous’ is how co-owner Ivan Roa describes the menu.

This wedding venue has also been called “Philadelphia’s hidden gem.” The Artesano Experience is twisting iron sculpturature in three dimensions, living sculpture, and grandiosity. And its capacity is up to 250 for a seated dinner. Compare the elegant glass facade at the entrance to the Scorpio tendency — once they trust you — to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Transformative, dramatic, elegant — come and see.


The Curtis Atrium

metal decorative peaks with curtains on either side and ceremony chairs on the checkerd floor at curtis atrium's philadelphia wedding venue.
Photo from The Curtis Atrium


Scorpio as the Dove. The Curtis Atrium. From alabaster columns to a “49-foot-long stained glass mosaic” and “an iconic art deco waterfall,” this wedding venue is romantic and full of light. “Located in the heart of historic Philadelphia,” you can speak from the heart on your wedding day in front of a gathering of up to 440 guests. Dramatic, luxe and extreme in its beauty and contrast, this is the wedding venue for a Scorpio.

Dove is a rare symbol for Scorpio. The Dove is the enlightened Scorpio who has harnessed the power of their extreme emotions, who opens themself to speak from the heart and is unafraid to love intensely. This is who you will see looking back at you at the altar.

If you’re looking to get married near Philadelphia, it’s the perfect season to tour with your Scorpio love.


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