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10 Tips for Planning Your Wedding in the Philadelphia Area

When you produce numerous bridal shows each year, coordinate with unique Philadelphia area wedding venues to host them, bring in the best event professionals to participate and the engaged couples to attend them, you tend to have a pulse on the latest in weddings in the Tri-State Area.

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We turned to Carol Bouche for her favorite wedding tips. Here is what she had to say:

  1. No Planning Once a Week. Make sure to take a day off from planning your wedding each week and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Invest in Wedding Insurance. Adverse weather, fire, bankruptcy and illness. It’s all rare but it all happens. For a fraction of the price of your wedding, insurance provides peace of mind. You purchase insurance for your $20-$30K car, so coverage makes sense for your special day!
  3. Book That Second Shooter. Yes, book that second shooter for your wedding photography. They really add another dimension to your wedding coverage for the day.
  4. Consider a First Look. Talk to your photographer about a first look. A first glance provides wonderful shots, opens up time for your cocktail hour and calms nerves before the ceremony.
  5. Meet That Bridal Show Vendor. It is always the best practice to meet your vendors in person prior to booking them for your big day. Bridal shows carefully select their vendors and go through a vetting process prior to participating in the event. Therefore, bridal shows are an ideal place to meet and book your vendors.
  6. Prioritize Your Top Wedding Categories. When preparing your budget, decide which wedding vendors are most important to you and budget your wedding with that in mind.
  7. Monetary Contributions. If family generously decides to contribute money toward your wedding, allocate those funds toward a specific area such as the flowers, music or the dress, for example. That way, you can thank them for that category or that item. Plus, it limits their feeling of entitlement to just opinions on that subject, and contains their advise on other parts of the wedding.
  8. Unsolicited Advice. Often, friends, family and even co-workers offer advice on your big day preparations. Simply thank them for their suggestion and let them know you will discuss it with your fiancé. That way, it politely ends the discussion.
  9. Kids Down the Aisle: Change the order of the processional so that the Maid of Honor walks down the aisle after the ring bearer and flower girl but before the bride. That way, it clears the way. Many times, kids do well at the rehearsal but then they tend to get scared on the actually day with so many people. This lineup allows the Maid of Honor to sweep the children down the aisle.
  10. Invitation Etiquette. For those intending to have an all adult reception, don’t put “Adults Only” on the invitation. That insinuates a different kind of atmosphere than intended. Also, avoid putting “No Kids” on the invitation. Instead, on the return cards, write number of adults 
Posted by Carol Bouche, Owner/Producer, The Bridal Event by Bouche Productions, Co-Founder of The Wedding Coaches on 04/26/2016

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