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5 Styles of Wedding Videography in the Philadelphia Area

As you know, videography is an essential part of your Philadelphia wedding, bringing to life your vows, emotions and very first dance in a way photos can’t quite convey. But how do you know which videography genre is right for you?

Photo credit: (c) Pixabay

Here is an overview of five styles of wedding videography in the Philadelphia area:

Cinematic Style: Filming in a cinematic way features artistic angles, dramatic music, more sound bites, and more editing. It’s like a Hollywood style movie with all of the effects. Slow motion can also be used for emotional emphasis.

There is more involved compared to a classic wedding video--more lighting and two cameras are used rather than just one, resulting in greater effects. You will find because of this, it’s more intrusive than other styles,

Documentary: This journalistic format follows the exact order of the big day as it unfolds--from the bridal party and groomsmen preparing for the ceremony to that luminous sparkler send-off. Basically, it’s more natural. Little is left on the cutting room floor. In contrast to cinematic video, documentary does not bring added music, artistic flair or special lighting. Interviews are a common trait of journalistic or documentary style wedding videos.

Highlight Reel: Highly edited 15-50 minute short film. The highlight reel is typically filmed in a movie style format.

Classic: This is a 2-3 hour of film details your wedding from the beginning to the end of the event. Photo montages are a characteristic of class style videography.

Marryoke: Think music video--a short soundtrack of your wedding day. This type is more edited and directed rather than a linear timeline of your Philadelphia wedding.

Once you find the right style for you, make sure to discuss the details with your wedding videographer.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 05/12/2016

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