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7 Small Details Your Philadelphia Wedding Guests Will Appreciate

While the newlyweds are the focus of any wedding reception, it’s satisfying to know that guests fully enjoyed the celebration. The good news is that making your Philadelphia wedding guests feel special and well taken care of is quite easy, regardless of the budget. We have gathered several little, thoughtful wedding planning details that will leave your friends and family gushing over your exceptional hosting skills, all while basking in the glow as bride and groom.

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1.      Wedding Invitation Details. If you are opting for a waterfront or outdoor ceremony or reception, being upfront in the invitation is truly appreciated. Dressing properly for the weather and for the terrain (or bringing a change of shoes) allows for an enjoyable event for all. There’s nothing like trying to navigate sand or soft earth in stilettos! Conveying your ceremony location can also help guests who suffer from allergies so they can be proactive with necessary medication. Advise guests by including a brief line on an invitation enclosure card or place the details on your wedding website.

2.      Weather Related Accessories. Outdoor weddings in Philadelphia are amazing, but sometimes the weather can play a factor in your guests’ comfort. Sun, wind and rain can keep them from enjoying the celebration. Colorful fans or parasols may be the respite they need from the heat or sun glare during the ceremony. You can even have your wedding program printed on a fan for a useful keepsake. A basket with bottles of sunscreen and bug spray for guests to use also goes a long way. On the other hand, help your South Florida wedding guests ward a chill by providing a pashmina or blanket basket where guests can grab one to keep warm. You can purchase blankets for as little as $3-5 online and they can double as wedding favors!

3.      Bathroom Baskets. These helpful baskets located in the restrooms offer solutions for ailments like headaches to mints for fresh breath to fashion faux pas like wine stains. Bathroom baskets are relatively inexpensive to put together yet can be a lifesaver. Most baskets include items like safety pins, a sewing kit, hair spray, hair pins, band-aids, Tylenol/aspirin, stain remover wipes, and sanitary napkins. However, it is helpful to know how big the bathroom counter is at your venue before purchasing the baskets.

4.      Safe Transportation. Make sure your guests end their night safely with transportation. If you have the budget and many of your guests are from out of town, you might consider providing a shuttle to and from your Philadelphia reception venue. However, if these rates are not in your budget, you can still make a difference for free by providing a list in a conspicuous place of local taxi services they can contact for a ride.

5.      Comfortable Seating. How many weddings have you been to where hard chairs had you squirming for relief before the ceremony was over? Simply look into adding a cushion or pad by asking the provider if they come with cushions or if these can be provided. It may be a slight charge.

6.      Flip Flop Bucket. Heels can take a toll for many of your female guests. By the time the dance music breaks out, they will welcome anything to give their aching feet a break. Encourage guests to get their groove on by providing them with a bucket of inexpensive flip flops in various sizes and colors. No need to worry about having a pair for every guest—men will most likely remain in their dress shoes—but it’s a thoughtful gesture to ensure all your guests can enjoy themselves to the fullest extent without tearing up their feet. 

7. Kid-Friendly Activities. It’s a simple equation: little ones plus a wedding equals boredom. And then trouble ensues or it takes away from the parents’ enjoyment. Give children something to do! Whether it’s an activity book, a craft table, bubbles, or games to play, providing them with something fun to focus on is a kind gesture, both toward them and their parents.

Posted by Partyspace Philadelphia on 01/28/2016

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