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All About "First Looks" for Your Philadelphia Wedding

Krista Patton Photography offers “first look” photos to couples who are interested in adding this special moment to their wedding day.

The "first look" is when a couple decides to see each other on their wedding day before the ceremony takes place. We position the Groom facing away from the Bride. The Bride then makes her entrance and her Groom turns around to see her.  How the bride makes her presence known, such as a cry, giggle, or simple tap on the Groom’s shoulder, is tailored to the couple’s tastes or the spontaneity of the moment itself.

The "first look" can take place an hour or more before the ceremony start time. After the "first look" takes place, we can take additional pictures of the Bride and Groom, then, at the couple’s discretion, invite the wedding party and/or family for pictures.

We also offer an alternative to the first look, which allows the couple to share a private moment, but saves the first look for the ceremony.
With the alternative, we position the Bride and Groom in a location that allows them contact without actually seeing each other.





- The couple has an uninterrupted private moment.

- The couple has an opportunity to immediately express and speak their feelings that they may not be able to do during the ceremony.

- Everyone looks their best for photos, their hair will still be perfect, no sweating and feet don't hurt yet.

- The bride gets to touch up her makeup if she needs to after an emotional moment.

- The pictures do not run into cocktail hour nor does the couple have to provide extra time in between the ceremony and reception. This is especially ideal for weddings that share the ceremony and reception location or the locations are a short distance from each other.

- Everyone is still energized and excited, the day can be long

- If you are shy, it takes some of the pressure off of seeing each other in front of a crowd.



- There is usually an earlier time for wedding party to be ready for pictures.

- Limitations and/or restrictions for the "first look" location and privacy may not be guaranteed.

- For close portraits, the Bride and Groom will not be wearing rings yet.

- Friends and family may get very excited and intrude on the moment to take their own photos.

- Takes more coordinating and scheduling to get the bridal party together and to ensure a good location for the first look.


~ Krista Patton Photography

Posted by Krista Patton Photography on 07/23/2014

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