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Coordinating a Beach Theme Is a Breeze

Sand between your toes, salty air in your hair, the sound of the waves breaking on the beach…those are some of the best, and potentially worst parts, of a beach wedding.


When planning a beach wedding, the single best tip I can give is to have a solid back up plan, should the weather not be what you have

dreamt about. Any time you are near the ocean, the weather can change quickly and drastically. What might look like a cloudy, rainy day at

10 a.m. might just very well turn into beautiful sunshine by noon. Likewise, nothing but clear skies are in view at 1 p.m., but by ceremony

time, a violent thunderstorm might roll in. Any couple considering a beach wedding, more so than any other location, has to be prepared to

go with their 'Plan B.' If the idea implementing Plan B is not an acceptable solution, look into considering another locale.


Photo credit: Merissa Lynne Events, LLC


There are also many small details that only apply to a beach wedding. For example, if the bride has always wanted to walk down the

aisle, barefoot in the sand, it's important to remember that sand can be extremely hot and perhaps she'll want something cooler to

stand on at the alter. There is also (usually) a constant breeze at the beach, which may require some extra anchoring of decor and

possible chairs.


Photo credit: Merissa Lynne Events, LLC


Creating a beach theme without overstating it is no different than planning any type of themed wedding decor. It's important to create

everything together, rather than piece by piece, so that it all flows and compliments the day, rather than overpowering it.


I love a classic, neutral color palette with ivory, gold and blush pink seashells and sand -- similar to the cake pictured below. Centerpieces

of blush pink peonies in vases filled with sand, accented with a few well-placed seashells, escort cards written on seashells, and soft calypso

music in the background are all some of my most favorite beach wedding ideas.


Photo credit: Merissa Lynne Events, LLC

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Posted by Merissa Lynne Events, LLC on 04/30/2013

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