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Intricate Floral Designs for Your Philadelphia Wedding Cake

Velvet Sky Bakery creates the floral designs for cakes such as these with a process called "brush embroidery" and it's a common request amongst our regular customers.

We pipe royal icing onto the cake in floral patterns and use a paintbrush to "pull" the icing, to achieve these textures that have a distinctly embroidered look. The flowers on top of the cake are actually fresh flowers in this photo, although we do sculpt sugar flowers by hand like these.

Where do we get our inspiration at Velvet Sky Bakery? It derives from learning from the best! I had the fortune of working under some true masters, including Ron Ben Israel, Elisa Strauss and Minette Rushing, in years past. It's important to do your research and keep up with current trends, as cakes and sculpting techniques are constantly evolving, just like all food, and all fashion.

This piece is a 6" round Lemon cake with a fresh Raspberry buttercream, dressed in Ivory Fondant with Antique Pearl Brush Embroidery designs, and finished with fresh flower accents.


Posted by Velvet Sky Bakery on 06/04/2014

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