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Kid Friendly Ideas For Your Wedding

Design a kids' fun table to keep your youngest guests engaged. Here are some suggestions to peak their varied interests.

Photo credit: The Lake House Inn


Instead of linen, cover the table with brown craft paper or butcher paper and let the doodling begin.


Tie a group of crayons with ribbon and include a finger puppet so they can interact with other children, stimulate their imaginations and even choreograph a mini puppet play. Mini pretzels with coloring books or paper in a large basket is essential--and stickers. Even better, scented stickers. Consider Mad Libs for the tweens.

Photo credit: Hill Country Weddings


Create an I Spy scavenger hunt list of items typically found at a wedding reception.


Disposable cameras at the kids table to encourage their inner photographer.


Crazy straws. Like a magnet, children are drawn to colorful twisty turvy straws.


A crab cake bar is to adults as an ice cream parlor bar is to children. Set up a Candyland worthy dream bar filled with toppings such as gummy worms, Sour Patch Kids, Nerds, chopped fruit, chocolate chips, waffle pieces, whipped cream, caramel and sprinkles just to name a few. Or, imagine a pop up popsicle station where children can choose from a variety of dipping options and candy toppings.

Photo credit: Jeffrey Miller Catering


And of course, bubbles are timeless and certainly entertaining for outdoor weddings.


Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 03/03/2014

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