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Personal Touches

Personal Touches Can Make Your Event Memorable

Every event is special in its own way.  Celebrating a birthday, graudation, mitzvah or expecially wedding honors people and milestones that are important to family and friends.   Using simply DIY touches can enhance the event and make it more memorable and personal for you and your guests!

Invitations:  Invitations these days can stretch the limits of creativity.  Why not make it personal with a photo - or even photo strip.  Video invitations can be easily made on a home computer and set to music.    For an outdoor event or wedding, paper with seeds embedded is environmentally friendly and is a hint of the event to come!

Table Cards:  Use a pine cone as a table marker- or other natural elements for an outdoor event.   Table cards can be made with simple pretty contact paper over cardstock to add an elegant flair.     Love a special drink?  Why not buy mini bottles of your favorite booze and write the names and table numbers on the back!    

Special Drinks:  A special drink can make the event personal.  Place a sign at the bar with the contents and name of the special drink- it can be child friendly or adult only.  That way, everyone can be sipping on Michelle's Mai Tai or Aiden's Strawberry Lemonade.   

Dessert Bars/ Confetti Bars:   Create a table with large glass containers for candy, treats or even flower petals.  Guests can create their own special mix!  Glassine bags can easily be personalized with a sticker showing your name or logo.

Favors:  Love to cook?  Why not send guests home with mini spatualas?  Into art?  Colored pencils wrapped in personalized ribbon can create a special touch.  Make sure the favors speak to the event and the people/ person being honored.

Theses ideas and more can help to make that special event unique and your own.  Working with the venue is important to make sure that your decorations are allowed- some places have rules on decorations- so check our your contract before you start planning.

The sky's the limit and remember that your event is a reflection on you and your personality, so get creative!


Posted by Andrea Otto on 09/03/2013

Provider: Alverthorpe Manor
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