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Tips for a Bermuda Beach Wedding

Get married on Bermuda's soft, powdery, pink & white sand. Here are some tips to make it perfect.

Bermuda’s powder soft pink and white sand is perfect for a beach wedding. Not to mention the ocean in the background colored in different shades of blue and turquoise.

With that said, here are 7 tips to help you plan the perfect beach wedding in Bermuda.

Creative Invitations

Let your guests know in the invitations that your destination wedding in Bermuda will be on the beach. They will not only be able to prepare for the appropriate attire – but it is certain they will get excited as well.

One fun way of letting them know is to have a local wedding planner ship you small bottles filled with Bermuda’s famous white and pink sand, and then include the sand filled bottles with your wedding invitations.

Rum Swizzles, Champagne, and more!

Make sure beverages are readily available after the wedding ceremony to help quench guests’ thirst. If in Bermuda, it would be nice to have trays of refreshing Bermuda Rum Swizzles waiting for everyone as they arrive to the reception area.

Bermuda Rum Swizzle

Choice of Dress and Shoes

Wear an easy to manage dress. Even though Bermuda’s beaches are as beautiful as they are – you do not want to drag your dress through the sand. Also, allow the men in the bridal party to wear something light as well. It is also fine to go barefoot on the beach.

Beaded and jeweled bridal foot jewelry always goes well with Bermuda’s powdery sand.

Set up a shoe station where the grass ends and the beach starts. This will be great for guests that opt to go on the beach barefoot.

Beach Wedding Dress

What does the beach look like?

If you are planning a destination wedding on one of Bermuda’s beaches, or any beach for that matter, make sure you have your wedding planner show you pictures of the beaches that are being considered for your wedding before flying in to the location.

Or you can fly in and have your wedding planner drive you to each available location well in advance of your wedding day. Having a local wedding planner on your side is certain to make everything easier.

Bermuda Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding in Bermuda


Take a Bottle of Sand Home

Take some of Bermuda’s fine, pink and white beach sand home with you to forever remind you of that special place in your hearts.

Timing of the Tides and Sun

Plan for the position and time of the sunset. Make sure that no one is stuck staring at the two of you into the sun.

Time your wedding for high tide to avoid the environment that comes with low tide. The algae covered rocks that become exposed can stay well hidden under the surface at high tide.


Have a Backup Plan

Make sure you or your wedding planner has a backup plan in place. Is there a covered patio or area nearby that can serve well as your wedding venue as well? It is possible your reception area can serve as a backup plan for your wedding if it itself is covered. The best thing to do is have the logistics of the backup plan in place before you need to act it out.

Another thing to think of, if a tent is involved in this back up plan, make sure it can fit your group comfortably and hold up in heavy wind and rain.

Wedding Reception

Thinking of Bermuda

With the Bermuda wedding planners at Thinking of Bermuda, your wedding is sure to be remembered for a lifetime. We will take care of all the details that go into planning a memorable wedding. Contact us seven days a week to get started on planning your dream wedding in Bermuda.


Posted by John Gallo on 09/05/2013

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