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Understated Elegance

I am always happiest when I feel comfortable. I want to be able to move around, work, dance and yes, cook dinner while still feeling beautiful.

Some women associate pain with beauty, wearing tight undergarments, uncomfortable shoes, artfully structured hair and makeup. For me style, beauty and comfort are not mutually exclusive.

This does not mean I lack pride in my appearance or the garments and accessories I wear. I get pleasure in choosing items that will uphold the test of time { classics } while still taking the time to add my personal stamp.

Mixing dressier items with more casual pieces help take me from day to evening with ease. A simple change in my lipstick color is all I usually require.

Create your own understated elegance. Start with a simple yet strong foundation. Clean palettes in shades of white, cream and beige or classic black and white are a wonderful way to begin.

Choose statement pieces that enhance your effortless look; for example, an oversized shoulder bag, shoes in a modern fresh color or a great chunky pearl necklace.

Think quiet luxury, simple beauty, grace and mix in pinches of modishness.


Posted by MARINELLA Jewelry on 11/18/2014

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