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Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Enjoy

If you are in your early thirties, I am sure you just spent your last 5 years of your life attending countless weddings!

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I, too, have been attending weddings in what seems like the never-ending wedding season. There is the common tread of tradition through these weddings, but every once in a while a wedding will stand out for a unique element. In the sea of wedding favors, the ones that stand out to me are the ones I can EAT!

Photo: The Cake Boutique

How many random wedding favors are sitting in the bottom of your junk drawer? Will you ever really use the CD of cheesy love songs, the single votive candle with no holder, or one lone coaster with the couples photo of them?! No, but I can guarantee the cookie, cake pop or macaroon favors will be gobbled up probably before the night is even over!

Photo: The Cake Boutique

Edible favors are the way to go-these types of wedding party favors can be relatively budget friendly and WILL be eaten. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat?!

Photo: The Cake Boutique

Posted by The Cake Boutique on 10/20/2014

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