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What to Consider When Deciding on a Hair Style for Your Wedding

Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding on a hairstyle for your Philadelphia wedding.

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Location, Location, Location.

Will your wedding be outside on a hot summer day, or indoors where the temperature is more reasonable? Since we cannot predict the weather and how humid it may be that day, it's smart to go with a style that may be appropriate for the conditions.

For summer, outdoor weddings in the Philadelphia area, a nice soft-swept updo will hold the curl better, and keep you cooler through out the day. If you're having a beach wedding, however; be mindful of the heat and the wind! Usually, beach weddings go great with a softer look, but I would recommend a tousled, natural looking updo, as opposed to wearing it down or half up. The last thing you would want, is all your hair blowing in your face the entire ceremony! For fall or winter weddings, when it's not as humid, a down/half up hair style usually holds a lot easier.


Photo credit: True Beauty Marks


As stylists, we can only use so much hair spray, and I personally hate the look of stiff crunchy curls, so dousing your hair with stiff hairspray may help it hold, but it doesn't mean it will look good, especially in wedding pictures.

The Style of Your Wedding, and Your Dress.

Is your wedding a casual, laid back event, or a fancy, formal affair? Does your dress fit in with the style of your wedding, and if so, you would most likely want to have a hair style, and makeup look to go with it. You can still have an updo for a more casual wedding, but if you make it more natural and soft looking (maybe some small fallen pieces around your face), as apposed to a sleek more "done" approach for formal looks.

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Are you wearing a veil? If you were planning to wear your hair all down, it's a lot harder to place a veil in your hair, than if you have half up, or an updo. Most veils come on combs that usually tuck right into the hair, and they hold much better if securely placed into already pinned hair.

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Face Shape & Hair Type.

If you have a long, lean shaped face, then adding a bunch of height to the front of your hair will only make your face appear longer. Or the opposite, if you have a more square or very round face, the height can create a longer appearance to your face. In my experience for brides, the tighter you have the hair around your face, the more harsh it looks. I always love some kind of a swept bang, or softer pieces down around the face, as it creates a softer, more feminine/romantic look for the bride.

If you have a lot of short layers in your hair, it may be a good idea, to consider something a bit more textured looking to incorporate those layers. The last thing you want as a bride is to have pieces sticking out of your style half way through the night, and those typically tend to be those shorter pieces. You also may want to consult with the stylist for your wedding, if you should do anything different with your color or cut in order to enhance the styling for the day of. I don't mean anything drastic, but some subtle highlights will help bring out the dimension of an updo, or maybe trimming your bangs to a certain length in order to get the front of your style just how you want it.

Photo credit: True Beauty Marks


One of the most important things for hair and makeup leading up to your Philadelphia area wedding, is to do a trial run with the company. Make sure to ask questions, and that you love the artists work. Consult with them as to what will work best for your hair and the style of your wedding, and any prep work that you should take care of leading up to the day.

Photo: True Beauty Marks

Posted by True Beauty Marks on 03/17/2014

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