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The Trick to Photographing Pets, Children and Genuine Expression at Your Philadelphia Wedding

Pets, small children and authentic emotion offer great photo opportunities at weddings.

Some couples ask about including their pet in their engagement session. Absolutely bring them! They're part of your family, right?

Bringing a pooch to the shoot is a great way to start, especially if you're a little uneasy about being in front of the camera. It gives you

something to focus on and encourages you all to play.



Photo credit: Lindsay Docherty Photography


Dogs that do well off leash are especially welcome. I ask my clients to let me know what commands their dog knows as well as any

hand signals and I always carry my secret weapon: a squeaky toy! Know your pup and what locations would work best. Like sessions

with little kids, don't worry if your frisky canine isn't perfectly behaved. This is life and it's great to see the family as it is. That being said,

if the dog is not people-friendly or especially difficult to control, it's best to leave Fido at home. I often recommend bringing a babysitter

to look after the pooch halfway through the shoot so that we can get pictures of just the couple as well.



Photo credit: Lindsay Doherty Photography



Often, there are flower girls and ring bearers in the wedding party to photograph. Small children in wedding parties are so much fun

because you never know exactly what you're going to get! If you have a young ring bearer and/or flower girl, don't expect perfection. Some

of the best images come from children getting restless during ceremonies or playing in their own world. As far as formals, try to get the

pictures with children and older relatives finished first while their clothes are still fresh and before they get too restless. If they're not up to

it during the formals, just put those pictures aside and try to come back to them later in the day. Wrangling unhappy children into smiling

is futile. Children at weddings are great for candids, whether they're in full breakdown mode or blissfully twirling on the dance floor.


Photo credit: Lindsay Doherty Photography



Creating artistic images without the cheese is my specialty. I'd rather see images of couples interacting with each other, not me. After all,

this day is about the celebration of their union and I want to help celebrate that. This means I'll certainly get images of them looking at the

camera but most of the images will be about the two of them enjoying each other - walking, talking, canoodling, and laughing. It's about

finding the right light, texture, and angle, putting them there, and encouraging them to be present with each other. I don't go for high

fashion with manipulation and lighting that takes 10 minutes for each picture; I go for genuine emotion and play with little posing and a lot

of fun.


~ Lindsay Docherty Photography


Photo credit: Lindsay Doherty Photography

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Posted by Lindsay Docherty Photography on 05/09/2013

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