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How to Incorporate Wine at Your Wedding

Wine is a staple in celebrations large and small but some couples seek insight on their selections. Here are some ideas.

One of the latest wine trends for weddings is having a wine station or sommelier on hand. Some of my clients have utilized

FranksWine @Home Tastings  for their wedding reception where one of my wine crew pours and casually chats to guests

about the featured wine...it adds a nice touch to an event. We've also done dozens of bachelorette parties!


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Couples have asked us at FranksWine what kinds of wines satisfy the palate of a diverse group like at a Philadelphia wedding. We invite the bride/groom and as many

guests as they wish (best man, maid of honor, parents, etc.) and pop a variety of  bottles in the shop and let them choose their favorites.

There's really no rule as to how may selections you decide on. Most clients choose a bar white such as Pinot Grigio, bar red like a Pinot

Noir or Merlot, dinner white, either a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc and dinner red such as Cabernet Sauvignon.


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In addition, signature drinks are popular in weddings lately. One of my favorite suggestions for signature drinks is St. Germain. It's

the most versatile cordial. It mixes well with Prosecco, in a gin and tonic, or in place of Triple Sec in a margarita, or for the classic

pear martini.


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Posted by FranksWine on 05/15/2013

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