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Pulse eMedia Group (P.eM.G) is about an idea that evolved into reality to satisfy a growing need: Internet Broadcasting and LIVE streaming of personal events like weddings, birthdays, etc. because we know that family and friends may not always be able to attend that special event. However, with our Unique technology, we can bridge that gap no matter how many miles are between them and they can participate in the fun!

Our site is also for developing inspirational talents, their fans/supporters, grassroots communities and small to medium size companies, which we can provide advertising for. We provide photos, live streaming, video and video editing and much more.

My Occasions Live is a part of the Pulse eMedia Group. My Occasions Live was built on the idea of bringing the streaming technology to a wider user base: streaming private events to family and friends or to fans or niche communities. Our model of making professional broadcasting available to very specific groups will play a key role in the future broadcasting model.

Join the Pulse eMedia Group and our main media outlets: MyOccasionsLive and DahMusicLinx as we make tomorrow's technology available to you today.

Although P.eM.G’s growth has begun to draw significant attention to its innovative format and operation, our team is committed to its original goal of servicing and high-lighting those who would normally not have access to the medium of broadcasting.

My name is Devon A. Hines, the founder and CEO. My background is ”Investment Banking,” “Classical Piano,” and “Soccer-enthusiast/player, certified coach/referee.” I have somehow combined the skills derived from my seemingly unrelated endeavors into P.eM.G.. Our newly assembled team is representative of the direction we are committed to.

See for yourself: Don’t take my word for it. Visit our sites, watch our live broadcasts, peruse our on-demand content and while you are at it, connect with individuals with similar interests.

It’s different, it’s unique but it makes sense. I am confident you will agree. Our Motto: "When being in the moment is Priceless" Call for more information.

Thanks for visiting … Devon A. Hines


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